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We handle complex cross trade shipments across land, sea and air with precision and efficiency thanks to our experienced staff, a wide choice of trusted overseas shipping suppliers and locally-based freight professionals.

How easy is it to cross trade shipments with IFS?

Streamline your supply chain by leveraging our expertise in cross trading shipping, eliminating the need for multiple intermediaries and simplifying the logistics process

Benefit from cost efficiencies by avoiding unnecessary transportation steps and reducing handling and storage costs associated with traditional shipping methods

We handle all aspects of cross trading shipping, ensuring smooth coordination between multiple parties involved, saving you time and effort

Capitalize on faster transit times by utilizing cross trading shipping routes, allowing your goods to reach their destination more quickly and efficiently

Enjoy the flexibility to source and deliver goods directly between different countries or regions, enhancing your supply chain flexibility and responsiveness to market demands

Gain a competitive edge by accessing unique sourcing and distribution options through cross trading shipping, providing greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional shipping routes

Our cross trading shipping services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, including documentation assistance, customs compliance, and efficient cargo consolidation

Rely on our experienced team to provide dedicated support throughout the cross trading shipping process, ensuring effective communication, timely updates, and efficient problem-solving

Our team consists of experienced, talented, subject-matter expertised people with strong industry knowledge.
We believe in them and we are proud for their passion and commitment to deliver reliable and fully integrated shipping services.

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